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She's a Star

She's a Star
Nov 8, 20215 minute read
"Inspired by the personal jewelry that I cherish wearing because of its special meaning, we've created exclusive designs— along with complementary styles— that will make anyone feel loved past the moon and the stars."— Tory Johnson

Sterling Forever

BEYOND THE MOON. Celebrate sky-high love with this specially-made moon and star necklace set in sterling and guaranteed to garner compliments every time it's worn.

Moon & Star Necklace

Lenny & Eva

YOU ARE PROTECTED. This evil eye stack with dainty glass beads can be worn together or gifted individually. The thoughtful story card is a reminder of individual strength.

Evil Eye Bracelet Stack


EYE'S HAVE IT. Carry good fortune wherever you go with this lightweight, easy-to-wear, talisman pendant.

Evil Eye Necklace

Love Is Project

WEAR YOUR SIGN. Power color zodiac bracelets handmade by artisans to root you in the energy you bring into this world.

Horoscope Bracelets

Amelia Rose Jewelry

IT'S A SIGN. Layered and sparkly, this stylish gift has personalized meaning. Each necklace is packaged on a gold-embossed custom card with the attributes of the zodiac sign.

Constellation Layered Necklace

Primal Elements

EYE SEE YOU. These glycerin soap bars are unlike any other--with rich lather and an effervescent champagne scent with notes of fruit and lily.

Evil Eye Vegetable Glycerin Soap Trio

Golden Gems

LET'S DRINK TO THAT. The only thing better than your favorite beverage is enjoying it from a mug with a meaningful message.

Inspirational Mugs