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Portable shower & storage boxes designed for water-sport and outdoor enthusiasts. Those who like to get sandy, salty and sweaty but like to keep themselves and their gear clean and organized.

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Brand: BeachBox
Portable Shower Tank & Storage Box
Retail: $199 . Deal: $160.65
This portable shower and storage box is the ideal wingman for watersports, outdoor enthusiasts, or a person on the go needing to spray down the kid or the dog. It doubles as a camping shower and storage box, with an ergonomic design that securely holds the shower tank inside. Plus, the storage tubs can be moved or removed for extra space, and the insulated portable shower tank and changing mat lid can be used separately for light travel. Includes: One...
Brand: BeachBox
Portable Shower Tank
Retail: $97 . Deal: $77.60
The portable shower tank is ideal for watersports enthusiasts and families who love to get sandy, salty, or sweaty. It's compact, easy to carry with a durable handle, and features a multi-spray shower gun with five modes, including a powerful shower mode. With a 1.3 gallon /5 liter tank that offers 4–5 minutes of flow time and a neoprene slipcover for hot water insulation, you can enjoy a refreshing warm rinse anytime, anywhere. Features: Removable 1.3 gallon / 5 liter...