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Frowny Faces


Why frowny dolls – where'd that idea originate?

When my son was a baby, we started getting a lot of presents for him. I noticed that every toy had a freakishly big smile. I decided to make him a little sock doll and, at the last minute, I added a frown. That little doll, who he named Herbie, turned into his favorite toy. He took him everywhere. People started asking where we got that little sad sock doll. I decided that there was a need for a more empathetic doll. I created a simple website and started spending all of my free time making dolls, packing them and shipping them all over the country.

What was your big break in getting the line on the map?

One day, I looked at the face on one of the dolls and realized it looked a lot like George Stephanoupoulos. I decided to post the portrait of the Frowny George doll on my Instagram page and tagged him. His amazing wife, Ali Wentworth, contacted me and asked if she could buy the George doll. I ended up getting a lot of followers after that. I decided to create a celebrity sock portrait every day. Most of the celebrities have sent me a private message asking for their dolls. I was then asked to be a part of Lizzie Tisch's LTD show last Christmas and I got to meet Kelly Ripa, who ordered her entire family and mentioned my dolls on Live with Kelly and Ryan. I have been pretty busy ever since.

Who are top three celebrity frowny favorites?

It is hard to pick. I have had so many wonderful celebrities reach out to me. Of course, Ali Wentworth and George Stephanoupoulos were wonderful, I also adore Kelly Ripa and Michael J. Fox.