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By Par ISlides

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ISlide sandal custom printed by hand using a unique printing process. Adjustable grip-strap with anti-abrasion spandex lining, RPL Signature “Relief Pro Lining” massaging footbed contours with antimicrobial spray.

The ISlides fit true to size. However, if it is a US Men’s half size, we recommend rounding up to the next whole size.


  • The strap on the sandal can be adjusted for a secure fit. To clean, we typically recommend using a sneaker wipe or a wet paper towel.
  • The slides can get wet but are not waterproof. If the slides do get wet, undo the straps and lay underside of strap on towel and push top of the strap down to dry out most effectively.
  • For best longevity of straps on slides, try to not re-strap multiple times.
Small Business

ISlide is a premium, customizable slide and sock company that allows you to uniquely express yourself thru our comfy footwear. Remember to always "Stand In What You Stand For.

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