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Kanda Chocolates

Ghanaian Chocolate Trio Assortment

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Ghana is known for having cocoa that is creamier and more fruit-forward than any other cocoa bean in the entire world. Taste them all!   Taste the Ghana Bean Difference.  

In this assortment, you’ll receive three chocolate bars in Extra Dark, Dark, and Milk Ghanaian Chocolate.

Extra Dark Chocolate | 72% Ghana Cocoa

  • Flavor Profile: Extra Dark chocolate marked by an intense Ghana ‘chocolatey’ flavor.
  • Taste Profile: Cocoa, Fruity, Sweet, Nutty, Floral, Roasted

Dark Chocolate | 56% Ghana Cocoa

  • Flavor Profile: Dark chocolate is marked by a rich Ghana ‘chocolatey’ flavor.
  • Taste Profile: Cocoa, Fruity, Sweet, Nutty, Floral, Roasted

Milk Chocolate | 38% Ghana Cocoa

  • Flavor Profile: Creamy milk chocolate with rich caramel notes and a strong cocoa flavor.
  • Flavor Profile: Cocoa, Fruity, Sweet, Roasted, Milky, Creamy, Caramel

Taste the Ghana Bean Difference!

  • Made in Ghana
  • 100% Ghanaian Cocoa Beans
  • Fair Trade
  • Non-GMO

Our Almsgiving Campaign | You Buy, We Give!

10% of proceeds are donated to a charitable organization!

This product is final sale and cannot be returned.

Treat Yourself

Founder’s Story:

“I traveled to Ghana and fell in love with Ghanaian chocolate. It was creamy, chocolatey, and fruit-forward. It didn’t have that strong bitter taste that is associated with most dark chocolates. I was struck by the lack of single-origin Ghanaian chocolate available in stores. While Ghana is the second largest producer of Cocoa in the world, less than 1% of their exports are finished chocolates. I started with the love of chocolate, but it turned into a passion project with strategic resolve to elevate the Ghana Cocoa Bean experience, create awareness, and create initiatives around social and environmental responsibility in both Ghana and the United States.”

Big Break:

During the pandemic, I was able to pivot from being retail-centric to customer-centric with a strategic focus on e-commerce. We were able to build customer relationships through virtual events, develop strategic partnerships with other brands like Intuit and Amazon, and thrive in areas we didn’t even know existed. We were noticed by Janelle Monae, Adam Glassman of Oprah Magazine, and featured as the top picks for Diane Von Furstenberg and Keke Palmer during Amazon’s celebration of International Women’s History Month. Intuit also celebrated Women’s History Month by inviting us to speak on a women owned business panel with two other amazing female founders. And just when we were amazed at all that had been done to support us, Amazon arranged for our feature in Vanity Fair Magazine. While we dreamed big, we never imagined how big it could actually become - and we are thankful everyday for every single blessing.

Kanda Chocolate Experience:

Kanda Chocolates is made from 100% Ghana Cocoa which is known for being creamier and more cocoa-forward than any other cocoa bean in the world. When you taste Kanda Chocolates, you’ll have a bit of nostalgia for the chocolate you knew as a kid. From Extra Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate, your experience will range from an intense, rich chocolate flavor to a creamy caramel with hints of fruit. And regardless of the flavor you choose, you won’t have that lingering bitter-y taste that dark chocolate has come to be known for. We’re excited for you to try the Ghana bean difference for yourself.

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