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Revel Nail

One Dip Wonders Four-Color Starter Kit

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Looking to get started with dip powder? Get everything you need with our Four-Color Starter Kit! Our One Dip Wonders kit contains all the EZ Care liquids you need, plus four dip powder nail colors in some of our most popular shades, so you can begin doing dip powder today!

What's included:

  • 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #1 EZ Care Pro Base
  • 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #2 EZ Care Activator
  • 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Step #3 EZ Care Finish Gel
  • 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Gel Thinner (preventative - use in Pro Base & Finish Gel after each mani to preserve liquids)
  • D167 Phoebe (0.5 OZ)
  • D129 Covetous (0.5 OZ)
  • D246 Festival (0.5 OZ)
  • D146 Harmony (0.5 OZ)

All of our kits now come with our EZ Care Liquids!

They're less susceptible to cross-contamination, making them easier than ever to use and care for!


  1. Prep and buff the nail. Apply a thin layer of Liquid #1 Pro Base using even strokes.
  2. Dip the nail into the powder at a 45-degree angle using a scooping motion. Brush off excess powder. Then apply a second coat of Liquid #1 Pro Base and dip the nail once more.
  3. Apply Liquid #2 Activator evenly, making sure to cap the free edge. Allow it to dry for 2 minutes.
  4. Shape the nail and smooth it with a buffer. Rinse the hands with water. Apply a second coat of Liquid #2 Activator, and wait 15 seconds before wiping. Finish with two coats of Liquid #3 Finish Gel, capping the free edge.
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Revel Nail is a low-odor, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free nail dip powder brand. Revel Nail dip powder is a healthy alternative to acrylic and gel polish that doesn't require a UV light and leaves your nails feeling strong and looking beautiful.

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