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Rose Sisters Chips

Rose Sisters Chips- 3PK

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Goldie Rose – the family matriarch – created the recipe 100 years ago for what is today our highly sought-after, savory and delectable baked tortilla chips.  They have been a permanent bond between generations at every imaginable occasion and completely unique; there is nothing similar in the marketplace.  They are intensely experiential - you will remember your first taste and you will still be thinking about them days and weeks later.

A chip, cracker and flatbread all in one!

Hand-made seasoned, baked tortilla chips with our special family flavor recipe - 4 generations old! Uniquely delectable, savory, crunchy, light, airy and memorable. Delicious by itself or paired with a spread of your choosing. The way we cook the chips are unique too – more well done areas along with evenly baked parts to suit varying taste and texture preferences in one chip! 

We promise that anyone who tastes our family chips will not only always remember them but will be wanting more!

Each bag (7.09oz) contains three 9-inch round baked and seasoned flour tortillas.  Customers break them up in the bag to create their own chips; ready to serve!

Pairs nicely with dips, spreads, cheese, tapenade, pate, soups, salads…and everything in between.  Family secret:  crush up and use as breadcrumbs on fish, chicken, mac-and-cheese, meatballs, etc.

Kosher certified (with dairy), vegetarian.

Contains NO nuts or seed and is made in a nut and seed free facility.

Contains:  Wheat, soy, milk and egg.

Bag opens in the back with a tear strip; resealable.  Keep on the shelf; don’t refrigerate.

3 points on Weight Watchers  (people will take two servings of chips with hummus and veggies to make a meal on the plan)

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A 4-generations, life-changing recipe: chip, cracker & flatbread all in one. Uniquely delectable, savory, crunchy, flaky and memorable. Perfect on their own or paired with a range of dips, cheese, tapenade, spreads, soups, salads. A family secret: crush & use as the best bread crumbs on Earth!