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Freedom Hair Removal Device + Extra Cartridge

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Silk’n Freedom 300K Hair Removal Device is the safe, fast, easy, way to permanently remove unwanted hair from your face and body, with professional results in the comfort of your home – leaving your skin soft and smooth. No more stubble, no more irritation!

  • FDA approved
  • Safe, fast & easy way to remove unwanted hair from face (cheekbones down) and body with permanent results
  • Home Pulsed Light™ (HPL), the same light technology as physicians
  • Large applicator tip
  • Used by women and men
  • Built-in skin color sensor checks your skin before each pulse and will only allow a pulse on suitable skin tones.
  • Cartridge has 300,000 pulses/flashes, for a lifetime of use

PLUS Freedom Long Lasting Cartridge:

  • Replacement cartridge with 120,000 pulses/flashes

This set contains:

  • Silk’n Freedom Hair Removal Device
  • 1 Lamp Cartridge (300,000 pulses)
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Refill Silk’n Freedom Long Lasting Cartridge (120,000 pulses)

What else you need to know:

  • Top dermatologists and plastic surgeons have tested Silk’n Freedom and concluded it can be used safely, easily, and effectively in a typical home environment.
  • It’s easy to set up and self-treatments are simple, quick, and clean.
  • Best of all, results come with minimal discomfort compared to waxing or other laser treatments.

Research results:

  • Clinical studies have shown dramatic, long lasting hair reduction with as few as 4 treatments.


Here’s how to prepare and treat:

  1. Use on clean, shaved, dry skin.
  2. Apply the treatment surface to the skin, making sure the skin is spread evenly and smoothly and the treatment surface is in full contact with the skin.
  3. Press the Pulse Trigger. The device will first determine the color of your skin. If the color of the skin is light enough for safe application, the device will flash a pulse of light onto your skin. You may feel a mild sensation of warmth and tingling. The Freedom will immediately recharge for the next pulse.
  4. Move the treatment surface to another area of skin. Administer one pulse at a time at your chosen energy level. Use the pressure marks the device makes in your skin to guide you for proper positioning of the next pulse, avoiding both gaps and overlaps between pulses.
  5. Treatment is most effective at higher energy levels. It is recommended that you perform a test pulse on your skin prior to treatment and wait 24 hours. If there are no adverse effects, such as redness and irritation, you can bypass lower energy levels

Suggested Usage:

  • For the first four sessions, treat each area once every two weeks.
  • After the fourth session, treat each area once a month or as hair grows, until that area is completely free of hair
  • Most women will need six to eight treatment sessions for permanent hair removal
  • Most men will need an average of eight to 10 treatment sessions


  • This product is not suitable for brown or black skin complexions
  • This product is not effective on blonde, white, or gray hair
  • Do not use Silk'n Flash&Go Freedom on skin that has recently been exposed to sunlight.
  • Do not expose treated areas to the sun
  • For two weeks after each hair removal session, protect recently treated skin when exposed to sunlight by thoroughly applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher

*Results may vary based on hair or skin type. Always read and consult the User Manual before commencing treatments, to ensure this device is right for you.

Small Business

Silk’n began this journey by recognizing the opportunity to expand the effective use of at home Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology for permanently removing unwanted hair for both men and women.

Now, with 10 million Silk’n skin care devices in the hands of consumers worldwide, the founding vision of smoother, softer, clearer, tighter, healthier, hair-free skin for people everywhere has become a reality.