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Signature Tea Pouch Collection

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Teaspressa is coffee-inspired tea that combines the best of both the coffee and tea worlds. Teaspressa is a loose-leaf artisan tea blend that contains as much caffeine as an espresso shot but with all of the health benefits of traditional tea ...and the best part is that it can be made at home just like coffee. We have a patent on the process of making tea like espresso. Enjoy a new tea profile that has the consistency and caffeine of coffee. 

  • Brew our tea with any coffee brewer: french press, pour-over, aeropress, moka pot, and coffee makers
  • Our black teas (Manhattan Black and Charles Grey have caffeine like coffee, our Green Gold tea has moderate caffeine, and our herbal tea (Cape Town) is decaf
  • Organic and Fair Trade (meaning farmers are ensured fair wages)
  • All items are hand-made in Phoenix, AZ, USA
Set includes 4 tea pouches: Manhattan Black, Cape Town, Green Gold, and Charles Grey tea pouch. Each pouch offers 14-17 servings

    Manhattan Black Ingredients: proprietary organic black tea blend, organic german rye

    Green Gold Ingredients: proprietary organic green tea blend

    Cape Town Ingredients: organic rooibos blend

    Charles Grey Ingredients: proprietary black tea, organic bergamot oil

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    With a mission to create a beverage that combined the best of both coffee and tea, Allison Devane created Teaspressa and its patented tea concentration technology. Owned and operated by female BIPOC entrepreneur, Allison Devane, Teaspressa has been featured on Shark Tank, Vogue, USA Today, O! Oprah Magazine, and Business Insider (to name a few) and recognized as a leader in the food and beverage industry.

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