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Hook-On Bikini Briefs (2-Pack)

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Quality cotton underwear designed with innovative, comfortable hooks that make changing out of one pair and into another easy with zero undressing required. Thongo hooks you up so you’re sure to feel confident throughout the day, no matter the scenario. 


  • Two (2) hook-on bikini briefs in size of your choice
  • One (1) travel pouch


  • Easy slide gold hooks prevent you from having to undress when changing your underwear so you can leave your clothes/shoes on
  • Waistband can be worn high or low on hips
  • Breathable, buttery-soft Cotton/Spandex fabric for maximum comfort
  • Tag-free
  • Color: Black
  • Ideal for travel, long shifts at work, unexpected menstrual cycles, after a workout, post-surgery, and more
  • Made of 93% Cotton / 7% Spandex


  • S (Small): Best fits US women’s sizes 0-2
  • M (Medium): Best fits US women’s sizes 4-6
  • L (Large): Best fits US women’s sizes 8-10
  • XL (Extra-Large): Best fits US women’s sizes 12-14

How to Use

  • Simply unhook each side to remove and replace with a fresh pair
  • Use included travel pouch to discreetly store your new/used pair

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Lay flat to dry

About the Brand

THONGO empowers women with an active lifestyle to live their daily lives without the worries or insecurities of real life moments. Our collection is beautifully designed with innovative hooks that make changing out of one pair and into another easy with zero undressing.