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Key To My Heart Light Of My Life Bracelet

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A beautiful gift to yourself or a special loved one symbolizing a love that makes your heart smile, brightens your day and unlocks joy in your Life. Wear every day as a reminder of the Beauty & Joy of Love!

  • Simple and Dainty
  • Fits up to a size 6 wrist, width of bracelet .15 in or 4mm
  • Available in 100% Stainless Steel or 100% Stainless Steel 18k Gold
  • Health benefit: hypoallergenic
  • Brilliant Radiant CZ Stones
  • Durable
  • Tarnish-free
  • Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. Sparkle anytime Dressed Up or Dressed Down


1) How did you get into jewelry design?

My mother died because mentally she couldn’t find the strength to shine above the captivity of our impoverished circumstances. Yet even in the darkness, she saw my light. I found the love of jewelry through my mother always saying, "Lia Valencia Key, never leave the house without your earrings because they represent the sparkling light so powerful inside you." Those words never left my heart. As I allowed the joy and light inside me to break barriers and defy odds, I became passionate about sketching jewelry that embodies the same.

2) We know you as an ambassador to IT Cosmetics. Confidence is in your DNA. Where does that come from?

It comes from my three beautiful heavenly angels: my mother, my aunt and my grandmother. My mother told me that your predicament does not determine your destiny. She asked me as a little girl if I wanted to be a leader or a follower. My aunt told me to walk with my shoulders back and to look people directly in the eye when speaking. My grandmother blessed me by teaching me the power of prayer.

3) How do you want people to feel when they wear your pieces?

I created Valencia Key jewelry to be wearable reminders to unlock your strength and bravery. I want people wearing Valencia Key to be flooded with feelings of light, joy, possibility, love and empowerment.

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