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16-Year Aged Balsamico Riserva

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The Leonardi family has been using the same craftsmanship to produce the finest and most authentic Balsamic vinegar money can buy for generations.  They use only Trebbiano and Lambrusco grades, which are hand-picked and cooked for hours before being transferred into large wooden barrels.  Six different type of woods are used for the barreling - oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, juniper, and ash.  Each year the grape musk is moved from one to the other and each year it gets sweeter and thicker. After 16 years, the result is a Balsamic Vinegar that is rich enough to eat by the spoonful!


  • This Balsamic Vinegar is 100% all-natural with no additives. Made of one ingredient only - the concentrated and aged grape must.
  • It does not require refrigeration and should be used before ‘best by date’ which is a year plus. And technically, even as the EU requires expiration, it just gets better with age!
  • Applications are endless and reach far beyond the traditional salad.
  • Wonderful drizzled over pasta, risotto, tomatoes, flatbread, cooked vegetables, smoked salmon, grilled or roasted meats, French fries, cheese…and even over ice cream and dark chocolate!
Size Options:

  • 100 ML
  • 250 ML - Special edition size is presented in a beautiful wooden box, complete with an authentic tasting instrument. The box is a perfect reflection of the history and craftsmanship it takes to produce such a true and pure aged vinegar. This is a gift that is not only beautiful, but so tasty none will forget.

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We are direct importers of the finest and most authentic EVOO and Balsamics in the world. We work exclusively with family-run estates where all of our offerings have been hand selected.