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Words for a Season

Temporary Tattoos (4-Pack)

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

These temporary tattoos are a fun way for you to express yourself during the different seasons of life without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.


  • Four (4) fine-line temporary tattoos
    • Empower: One (1) “be kind” tattoo, one (1) “fearless” tattoo, one (1) Juniper branch tattoo, and one (1) Poppy bouquet tattoo
    • Bridal: One (1) “bride” tattoo, two (2) “bridesmaid” tattoos, and one (1) Poppy bouquet tattoo
    • Floral: One (1) Violet bundle tattoo, one (1) Magnolia bouquet tattoo, one (1) Plume tattoo, and one (1) Poppy bouquet tattoo


  • All designs are drawn by hand
  • Ideal accessory for vacations, bachelorette parties, and more
  • Each tattoo lasts approx. 2—3 days once applied
  • FDA-certified, skin-safe ink
  • Recommended for ages 3+

How to Use

  • Remove the plastic protective film and place temporary tattoo on desired area of skin. For best results, make sure the area of skin is clean and without hair before applying
  • Apply pressure to the back with a wet washcloth/towel for around 15 seconds
  • Once the tattoo backing is fully wet, gently remove to reveal your temporary tattoo!
  • Should you wish to remove tattoo before it fades naturally, gently rub with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth/pad or an exfoliating mitt

About the Brand

Words for a Season are temporary tattoos created out of the owner's handwriting. Wear a meaningful word without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.