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Guard Your ID

Advanced Roller Security Kit (Variety 3-Pack)

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Choosing the right Advanced Roller just got easier with this variety kit. Say goodbye to the headache of identity theft. This kit is designed to offer effective coverage over large areas, combining characters and letters to conceal your personal information from prying eyes. With the 3-in-1 roller, you also have a built-in mail/package opener at your fingertips!


  • Three (3) Advanced Security Rollers in three (3) styles:
    • One (1) Advanced Security Roller
    • One (1) Wide Advanced Security Roller
    • One (1) Wide 3-in-1 Advanced Security Roller


  • Rollers:
    • Designed to protect personal information from identity theft
    • Uses a unique stamp pattern designed to hide the personal text underneath
    • Specially formulated ink works on most coated surfaces
    • Ideal for prescription bottles, bills, bank statements, cashed checks, magazines, credit card offers, tax returns, and more
    • An eco-friendly alternative to a shredder
    • Twist-off cap prevents accidental inking
  • Blade:
    • Ideal for easily opening mail and packages
    • Folds away into the top of the roller base when not in use
  • Great gift idea


  • Advanced Roller:
    • Roller: 1.5" x 2.69"
    • Pattern Width: 0.5" (will cover three lines of text at a time)
    • Each roller is suitable for approx. 1,000 uses
  • Advanced Wide Rollers:
    • Rollers: 1.8" x 3.25" each
    • Pattern Width: 1.0" (will cover six lines of text at a time)
    • Each roller is suitable for approx. 1,600 uses

How to Use

  • Privacy protector: Simply roll the stamp over the text you want to mask before discarding documents
  • Mail opener:
    • Use to open mail and packages, then fold away when not in use
    • Note: Sharp object. Keep out of reach of children

About the Brand

Safeguard sensitive information effortlessly with the Guard Your ID Roller, a portable, silent guardian that blurs out personal details in a swipe, offering a quick and sustainable way to protect against identity theft. Embrace eco-friendly security with the Guard Your ID stamps, a recyclable, energy-efficient solution for document disposal that eliminates the need for shredding, ensuring your privacy while supporting environmental sustainability.