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X-Blade Knife Sharpener

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This knife sharpener was developed with professional chefs in mind, automatically self-adjusting to the angle and pressure of the knife. Ranging from 12.5° to 22.5°, the X-Blade Knife Sharpener is designed to sharpen and restore virtually any knife in just seconds.


  • Sharpens professional steel knives that need various blade degrees (12.5° to 22.5°)
  • Self-adjusting pressure and angle for a perfectly sharp knife anytime 
  • Can restore virtually any knife to like-new condition (straight, serrated, and hardened steel blades)
  • Hands-free safety 
  • Tungsten Carbide blades 
  • Patented Power Grip suction cup base, enabling hands-free sharpening
  • Requires only light pressure, yet delivers more than 44 lbs of force
  • Sharpens easily and in just seconds 
  • Simple to clean and store 
  • Metal Alloy construction
  • Measures 3.6” L x 4.4” W x 3.6” H 
  • Weighs 1.63 lbs

How to Use

  • Clean a smooth surface and place sharpener on it, pressing lever down to suction to surface
  • Start at the base of the handle and gently draw knife back 3–4 times using light pressure only (do not push forward)
  • This knife sharpener is well suited for straight blade knives and wide-toothed serrated blades

Care Instructions

Wipe clean

About the Brand

AnySharp creates innovative products that are easy to use and work brilliantly. Its flagship knife sharpening product rejuvenates knives safely and hands-free. A few light strokes, and in seconds, your knife is sharp as new.