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Emergency Multi-tool

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With the wide array of problems we have been facing of late from Mother Nature (Hurricanes, Floods, Tornados, Wild Fires, Earthquakes, Ice Storms in the north, and Power brown-outs and black-outs in the south) there has been no better time to “Be Prepared” with the Kelvin 8 Emergency Multi-tool. You will never be without power to charge your phone with this “Must Have” tool for your Home, Car, RV, Cottage or even while camping.

  • A 2000 mAh rechargeable power bank battery can be charged in two ways. (1) with Micro USB cable provided or (2) in a power outage or emergency event (Hurricane, Flood, Ice Storm, Power Outage) it can be charged by a hand crank power generator that comes out of the top of the tool. With this you are never without a source of power for your tool or the ability to charge your phone or any USB device!
  • The side of the tool also has a standard USB charging port under the cover that can be utilized to charge any USB devices especially in a critical situation for being able to make emergency calls.
  • The Flashlight has 4 modes of operation: (1) Low bright (2) High bright (3) Strobe light (4) and a repeating SOS signal. Easily useful to attract attention in an emergency, and to find your way around in dark circumstances.
  • The face of the tool contains 4 powerful magnets that can affix the device to a metal surface (car body) so you can use the Electronic Flare (Red LED safety beacon) to warn oncoming traffic to steer clear of your location to keep the automobile and occupants safe.
  • The base has a hardened metal alloy tip window breaker that can shatter windows in event of needing to egress out of a damaged vehicle from an accident or otherwise entering a locked vehicle to extricate children or pets left unattended in case of excessive heat conditions during summertime.
  • A recessed safety protected seat belt cutter is also located on the underside of the tool to cut a jammed seat belt in an emergency event.
  • A 100 decibel siren is also included on this model.

Kelvin designs and manufactures innovative solutions through multifunctional products. Adding style and art to your everyday devices.