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Meaningful Mantras


This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

A true aromatherapy experience, each candle is handcrafted with love in small batches using 100% essential oils and fresh coconut wax. Essential oils are steam distilled from plants and flowers, extracted or cold pressed from citrus fruits and contain hundreds of antibacterial, anti-viral natural constituents that have the ability to enter the body through the olfactory system.


  • 100% real essential oil aromatherapy blends
  • Our proprietary coconut wax took years to develop as coconut oil is very temperature sensitive. We handcraft our wax fresh every day. We do not buy pre-made wax to ensure that our wax is clean, made without any paraffin, petrochemicals, or other toxins commonly found in candle wax.
  • Approximate Burn Time: 34-40 Hours
  • Jar size: 3" x 3" x 3.5” with an 8oz fill
  • Made Without Synthetic Fragrances, Paraffin, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Phthalates, Soy, and Beeswax.
  • Our candles are truly vegan and sustainable.

For the best burn: Please allow up to 2 hours for your first burn to allow the wax to reach the edge of the container to avoid tunneling.

Please note: These candles are not synthetically fragranced so please do not expect them to smell up your entire home. Real essential oil candles have a lighter natural aroma and have wonderful plant-based benefits.

Meaningful Mantras combines aromatherapy and unique mantras to create purposeful products. We believe in the power and magic words hold, and by spreading powerful mantras we can impact the world in a positive way.

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