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Cook in Color Global Meals Recipe Spice Blend Card Deck (4-Pack)

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  • Adaptable recipes destined to become meal-planning mainstays. These techniques and spice blends are designed to let you add your favorite ingredients as the seasons change.
  • The Cook in Color Deck by Chef Asha Gomez includes recipe seasoning cards for Asha's Singapore Noodles, Seven-Spice Catfish Tacos, Acorn Squash in Coconut-Pepper Cream and Amma's Dill and Red Onion Rice.
    • Asha's Singapore Noodles: Inspired by the cuisines of Malaysia and Singapore and filtered through the lens of NYC Chinese takeout, this delightful, warming dish shows off the coziness of curry.
      • Includes Coriander Powder (2 pods), Cumin Powder (2 pods), California Garlic Powder (2 pods), Crushed Red Chili Flakes (1 pod) and Turmeric (1 pod).
    • Seven-Spice Catfish Tacos: Flaky white fish is supercharged with Southern flavors by a seven-spice rub. On a warm tortilla with cumin-accented slaw and a spritz of fresh lemon, it's pure taco perfection.
      • Includes Wild Celery Seed (1 pod), Cumin Powder (1 pod), New Mexican Chili Powder (1 pod), Mediterranean Oregano (1 pod), Sweet Paprika (1 pod), Thyme (1 pod) and California Garlic Powder (2 pods).
    • Acorn Squash in Coconut-Pepper Cream: Acorn squash is roasted with woody nutmeg, honey, and butter, then filled with a hearty coconut and sweet pepper gravy for a tropical twist on a classic autumnal taste.
      • Includes Nutmeg (2 pods), Turmeric (2 pods), Cumin Seed (2 pods), Black Mustard Seed (1 pod) and Tellicherry Black Pepper (1 pod).
    • Amma's Dill and Red Onion Rice: Asha's Amma (Hindi for "Mama") created this savory dish of basmati rice, enriched by cooking in a broth of coconut milk, dill, cumin, and red onion.
      • Includes Cumin Seed (4 pods) and Dill Weed (4 pods).
  • Each Recipe Seasoning Card contains the exact amount of spice needed to make the recipe 1 time.
  • Each Recipe Seasoning Card contains 8 spice pods; Each spice pod contains ½ teaspoon of spice
  • Every Recipe Seasoning Card has a QR code on the back with recipe ingredients and instructions
  • This product includes listed spices only; Other cooking ingredients not included
  • Dimensions: 3” x 4” x 6.3”

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Our mission at Occo is to help consumers try cooking new things at home, without spending a ton of money on bespoke jars that will probably only be used one time and without wasting leftovers. We currently offer 80+ different high quality spices from all over the world, packaged in forever-fresh recyclable aluminum pods.

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