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Cotton Dish Covers (3-Pack)

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A wonderful addition to your sustainable food storage collection! These cotton dish covers can be used for mixing bowls, leftovers, proofing dough, and much more. Ideal for picnics, beach trips, and barbecues—use them at home or on the go to replace harmful single-use plastics in your kitchen!


  • Three (3) reusable cotton dish covers in three (3) sizes and coordinating designs:
    • One (1) small bowl cover, 6.5" round
    • One (1) medium bowl cover, 7.5" round
    • One (1) large bowl cover, 9.5" round


  • Easily replaces plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and even lost lids
  • Can be used on bowls or dishes made from glass, stainless steel, ceramic, and much more
  • Elastic band sewn in for flexibility and a secure grip that fits snugly around your dishes
  • Can stretch to fit bowls 1–1.5” larger than their size
  • Loops sewn on for convenient and easy storage
  • Made with 100% Twill Weave Cotton with an elastic band sewn in


  • Classic: Mountains, Leaves, Quatrefoil
  • Modern: Circles, Triangles, Chevron
  • Tropical: Leaves, Quatrefoil, Boats

Care Instructions

Machine wash and dry

About the Brand

Buzzee offers a sustainable solution to food and plastic waste that fits any lifestyle. Buzzee's reusable beeswax wraps are made of all natural products, come in many shapes and sizes with unique designs, and easily replace single-use plastics.