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SiO Beauty

Cryodrop Face Massager Tool

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A skin-toning tool that uses the power of cold therapy and massage to help visibly lift, tighten, and sculpt facial contours. Daily use can help reveal tighter, smoother skin while offering a spa-level refresh experience.


  • Includes one (1) Cryodrop face massager tool with lifetime magnetic charge and a pouch for storage
  • Designed to deliver circulation and wrinkle smoothing benefits to help give you lift, tightening, and sculpting after a night of sleep or a hard day at work
  • Deep cooling combined with massaging techniques work to help reduce visible signs of inflammation and relax facial muscles
  • The diamagnetic heart of the tool helps deliver your skincare’s key ingredients deeper into the skin’s dermis (for best results, pair with the Cryo Energy Serum)
  • For all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • May be used in combination with other skincare products and existing skincare routines
  • Made of 100% medical-grade Steel
  • Measures approx. 4” in length and weighs 10 oz

How to Use

  • Apply your favorite serum to prep skin, then, with light pressure, move the Cryodrop across your face in even, gentle strokes for about one minute. Avoid direct eye contact
  • To reduce the appearance of puffiness, lightly apply pressure to the area for 15 seconds and direct the device toward the ears and temples

About the Brand

Our reusable wrinkle smoothing patches both reduce the appearance of exisiting fine lines and wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. Made of medical grade silicone and resuable up to 10 times, the patches create a microclimate that draws moisture to the skin's surface to restore hydration and plump skin, providing a more smooth and radiant look and feel.