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Odor Drops®

Deodorizer Balls (6-Pack)

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

Odor Drops® are deodorizer balls made for eliminating odor and odor-causing microbes. Ideal for shoes, boots, gym bags, trash cans, lockers, cars, and anywhere else odor may occur.


  • Includes six (6) Odor Drops®
  • The spherical design makes it easy to activate and insert the deodorant balls into any pair of shoes
  • Each deodorant ball can last up to one year, depending on the frequency of use
  • Safe for all ages and fits all shoe sizes
  • Each deodorant ball is 1.5” in diameter

How To Use

  • Twist the two hemispheres to unlock the vents and drop them in your smelly sneakers or anywhere else you want to eliminate smelly odor
  • When you’re finished, twist the vents closed and store in the Odor Drops® packaging tube to preserve freshness


83% Polypropylene Plastic, 15% Virgin Paper, 2% Fragrance Oil

About the Brand

ODOR DROPS® are premium deodorizer balls for neutralizing shoe odor and odor-causing bacteria. They are perfect for use in shoes, boots, trash cans, lockers, gym bags and cars as a air freshener.