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Sleep Light

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Turn Your Busy Mind Off & Fall Asleep 2.5X Faster!

Over 500,000 former insomniacs now sleep peacefully with Dodow – are you next?

Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep – fast. Combining yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy, Dodow is the safe way for ANYONE to effortlessly fall asleep...AND stay asleep.

How It Works:

  • The mesmerizing light quiets your busy mind – Focusing on the hypnotic light prevents you from focusing on random stressful thoughts that keep you awake. Free of these anxious thoughts, your mind quickly quiets down, turns off, and is now in a perfect state to 'pass out'.
  • Guided breathing lulls your quiet mind to sleep – The rhythmic light slows your breathing rate down to 6bpm and reduces your rate of exhalation. This controlled breathing lulls your already quiet mind into a deep, restful sleep.
  • Restores your mind's natural ability to fall asleep – With regular use, Dodow retrains your brain to naturally fall asleep on its own again. In fact, many customers are thrilled to report that they "now fall asleep without using Dodow".
  • One-time purchase for a lifetime of better sleep – Unlike expensive habit-forming pills, Dodow was built on sound science and research, and comes with no dangerous side effects or monthly payments – only a lifetime of deep, restorative sleep.
  • Easy & convenient to use – Activate the 8 or 20-minute sleep cycle (shuts off automatically) and dim/brighten the light by the touch-sensitive surface. With no cords to lug around, Dodow is perfect for business trips, vacations, and fighting jet lag.

How To Use Your Dodow:

  • STEP 1: Keep Dodow within reach (we suggest on your nightstand). Tap the touch-sensitive surface once for the 8-minute mode and twice for the 20-minute mode.
  • STEP 2: Focus on the blue light beam projected onto the ceiling and gently synchronize your breathing with the light. Inhale when it expands. Exhale when it retracts. Dodow progressively takes your breathing down from 11 to 6 breaths per minute (the ideal rate to fall asleep).
  • STEP 3: Sleep will come naturally during or shortly after the exercise. Dodow will shut down automatically.


Q: Can't I just practice breathing on my own without Dodow?

A: The breathing techniques are derived from Pranayama yoga techniques ('Prana' is Breath or vital energy in the body, 'Ayama' means control – 'Control of Breath'). Dodow's light keeps you on track and in a state of mindfulness. It synchronizes your breath and has a meditative, hypnotic effect, similar to watching a pendulum, that helps your mind let go quickly. As your mind becomes free of thoughts and chaos, it can finally relax and fall asleep.

Q: Will Dodow bother my partner?

A: No. Dodow is quiet and the light is not bright enough to disturb your partner if their eyes are closed!

Q: Doesn't blue light disrupt your ability to fall asleep?

A: Dodow's blue light is too dim to impact melatonin secretion and isn't strong enough to disrupt your sleep. In fact, the color blue is known for its relaxing properties, which after much testing, we found that the blue shade of cyan provided the best results in helping people fall asleep.

Q: Can Dodow help with jet lag?

A: Yes. While Dodow was originally designed for stress-related sleeplessness, our tests have shown that it works surprisingly well for jet lag or irregular sleep schedules.

Q: I'm very stressed and anxious all the time. How can Dodow possibly help me?

A: Dodow gradually slows down your breathing from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, in a regular, rhythmic pattern. This helps wash away stressful, chaotic thoughts, soothing your mind and putting your mind and body into a relaxed state of being. Before you know it, you're asleep because Dodow helped relieve your stress and anxiety. That's the power of Dodow!

Q: Are there any side effects to using Dodow?

A: Absolutely not! Dodow is simply a way to help you concentrate, meditate, and relax your mind and body through ancient breathing techniques practiced by yogis from many tantra traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Dodow is completely natural and 100% safe.

Q: Will Dodow help me fall back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night?

A: Yes. Simply activate the sleep mode you want and Dodow will help you fall right back to sleep!

Q: Can Dodow work for children and the elderly?

A: Yes. In fact, Dodow is perfect for people who are afraid of the dark, which is often the case for children and even the elderly population. Though, it might take them an extra session or two to get used to the rhythm of slow breathing, but Dodow will work like a charm for them as much as it will for you.

Q: How fast can I expect to fall asleep with Dodow?

A: While individual results may vary, most people have no problem falling asleep within the 20-minute sleep mode. And even better, many people can even start to fall asleep within the shorter 8-minute sleep mode! In fact, Dodow users report falling asleep up to 2.5X faster (on average)! And remember, the more you use Dodow, the better your results are likely to be...and even better, one day, you might find you don't even need to use a Dodow to fall asleep!!!

Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep – fast

Turn Your Busy Mind Off & Fall Asleep 2.5X Faster!