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Rosanna Diggs Embroidery

Embroidery Kit

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

Just add scissors!

Kits Include:

  • One (1) quality 4” wooden hoop
  • Linen blend fabric
  • Plenty of embroidery floss/yarn
  • Needle(s)
  • Water soluble (blue) pen for transferring the pattern onto fabric
  • Pattern
  • Easy to follow guide with color pictures
  • Felt for backing
  • All this comes in a project bag to keep everything together (that also means minimal packaging)!


  • Lighthouse By The Bay- This embroidery kit has everything you need to complete the shown lighthouse embroidery inspired by Pigeon Point Lighthouse near Pescadero, California. Are you crafty? Can you follow instructions? Then you can do this! Every step of this project is well explained and suitable for a beginner embroiderer.
  • Radiant Rainbow- This embroidery kit has everything you need to complete the shown Radiant Rainbow embroidery. This kit was designed with teaching in mind. It teaches eight of the most basic stitches, starting with the easiest and progressing up a tiny bit in difficulty with each stitch. If you decide you aren’t ready to learn knots, that’s okay! You can repeat previously learned stitches to complete your design so you can succeed on your first embroidery project. Plus, now that you have the right supplies and know the stitches, and have that awesome transfer pen, you can keep going with your embroidery and draw more things to stitch!
  • Sweet Succulent- It's like a "choose your own adventure" meets embroidery. This kit has everything you need to complete ONE of the three succulents. If you're a complete beginner, the outline is perfect to dip your toes into the embroidery world. An advantageous beginner or someone with a little experience will enjoy the level two option. And if you've been doing embroidery awhile, check out the level three option.

Rosanna Diggs Embroidery is all about sharing the relaxing art of hand embroidery through our line of cheerful, modern embroidery kits. We create high-quality, eco-conscious embroidery kits that encourage our customers to stitch their next adventure with one of our nature inspired designs.