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Endless Waver

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Endless Waves, effortlessly. The VOLOOM Endless Waver is the fastest, easiest, most foolproof, and hair-healthiest way to get those luscious waves you love. Whether you want your waves loose and beachy or more structured and styled, VOLOOM’s latest tool delivers endless waves, effortlessly.

Most curling irons have a heavy learning curve, and the results are hit or miss. But VOLOOM’s Endless Waver takes all the skill and guesswork out of getting those gorgeous waves.


  • A unique center slot design with floating plates
  • Cool tip
  • Tourmaline plates
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Auto shut off
  • Dual voltage

Pro Tips:

  • Place a section of hair into the center slot and wrap hair around the barrel
  • Use 1" sections for best results
  • Twist wrist 180 degrees and then pull through hair for waves
  • Twist wrist 360 degrees and then pull through for tighter curls

VOLOOM means Volume, and Volume means confidence — the confidence that comes from a great hair day, everyday.

Whether you want just a little boost or movie star glam, VOLOOM delivers lush, gorgeous volume in minutes that lasts for days.

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