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Opal Cool

Gal Pals Go 80° (4-Pack)

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These flexible bra inserts deliver fridge-free cooling at a comfortable 80° and provide refreshing relief against your 98° chest. The cooling material features a plant-based phase change material that re-cools at room temperature; no refrigeration required.


  • The Gal Pals Go deliver on-the-go cooling relief and re-cool without refrigeration.
  • Pack in your purse, gym bag for diaper bag for cool comfort whenever you need it.
  • Get fridge-free relief for hot flashes.
  • Chill your chest after a workout and treat heat stress.
  • Portable pain relief for headaches, fevers and first aid.
  • Gal Pals Go are reusable and stay cool for ~30 minutes
  • Safer than ice or gels. Latex-free.
  • Made in America. FDA registered. HSA and FSA reimbursable.

Care and Use:

  • Products refresh to cool state at room temperature or A/C vents when not in use.
  • No refrigeration required.
  • To clean, wash with mild soap and water and air dry.

Opal Cool therapy products are designed for hot women at every stage of life, from motherhood through menopause -- and to treat MS and heat stress. Clinically tested cool therapy for hot flashes and provides soothing relief for headaches and a good night's sleep.

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