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Kid Sunglass & Earmuffs Set

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

SunMuffs for kids provides a comfortable fit and helps them find their fashion spirit animal. The last thing you should be worried about while you’re making memories is keeping their ears warm. These faux fur slide-on earmuffs are intuitive and comfortable. Let them greet the outdoors in style.


  • Includes: Animal Gift Packaging, sunglasses, and two (2) slide-on earmuffs
  • Shapable, slide on earmuff gift sets for kids ages 4-9
  • Designer sunglass with rhinestones
  • A comfortable fit with neoprene interior that protects against the cold weather, wind, and noise

SunMuffs® are a one-of-a-kind ear protection that keeps your ears snug and warm so you can stay focused on what matters most. We're the only product in the market that does what we do. We've made earmuffs that love your head, so you can completely do away with the messy hair, pinched head, and aching ears.


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