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KT Tape Pro Extreme

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

KT Tape Pro Extreme® is designed to provide drug-free pain relief & support* in muscles, tendons, and ligaments for 4-7 days of wear. 100% synthetic fabric and extra strength adhesive provide long-lasting support through harsh conditions such as humidity, cold, and even the pool. KT Tape Pro Extreme® will stay in place through multiple demanding workouts.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Extra-strength adhesive for support in extreme conditions
  • Made of KT TAPE® exclusive 100% synthetic microfiber material, engineered for durability
  • Available in various tones with low-contrast logos to better blend in with your skin
  • Easily conforms to the skin for full mobility while active


  • Each roll contains 20 pre-cut strips of KT Tape
  • Strip measurements are 10 inches long (without stretch) and 2 inches wide

How To Use:

  • Thoroughly clean skin around the painful area and let it dry completely before applying your tape
  • Apply tape at least one hour prior to activity to promote better adhesion
  • Refer to KT Tape video tutorials online to learn how to apply you tape according to your targeted pain


Small Business

KT Tape is the athlete’s choice for drug-free pain relief and support.

KT Tape’s mission is to develop breakthrough solutions to meet elite and everday athlete's performance & recovery needs.

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