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Late Nite Koreatown Bites Recipe Spice Blend Card Deck (8-Pack)

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  • Keep the party going with shareable snacks and sides that epitomize Korean comfort food. From classic favorites to modern twists, there's something for every craving.
  • The Late Nite Koreatown Bites Deck by Chef Deuki Hong includes 8 recipe seasoning cards for: Dad's Skillet Pajeon, Gooey Kimchi Mac & Cheese, K-Town Bubbling Egg Custard, Put-on-Everything Kimchi Salt, Sunday Birdies Popcorn Chicken, Sweet Hot Corn Cheese, Tipsy Korean Bar Snack and “Tofu For People Who Don't Like Tofu” Tofu.
    • Dad's Skillet Pajeon: Crispy on the outside, springy on the inside, and packed with savory scallions‚ this fragrant skillet pancake is great as a starter, side, or indulgent snack.
      • Includes Gochugaru Chile (4 pods), Ginger (2 pods) and Baking Powder (2 pods).
    • Gooey Kimchi Mac & Cheese: The unmistakable taste of kimchi plus ooey gooey cheese is a dangerously delicious combo. Can be made vegetarian by omitting the bacon.
      • Includes Gochugaru Chile (4 pods), Turmeric (2 pods) and California Garlic Powder (2 pods).
    • K-Town Bubbling Egg Custard: A classic South Korean savory custard that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rich and creamy, with a texture that makes it impossible to take just one bite.
      • Includes Nori Flakes (4 pods), Gochugaru Chile (2 pods) and Toasted White Sesame Seed (2 pods).
    • Put-on-Everything Kimchi Salt: Tangy and spicy with just the right amount of umami, this dry version of South Korea's famous kimchi paste goes with absolutely everything.
      • Includes Gochugaru Chile (2 pods), California Garlic Powder (2 pods), Ginger (2 pods), Coriander Powder (1 pod) and Citric Acid Powder (1 pod).
    • Sunday Birdies Popcorn Chicken: A lemon, garlic, and five spice marinade fills the chicken with flavor, while the accompanying fried rice cakes add a chewy-crispy texture contrast that's totally addictive.
      • Includes Five Spice Blend (4 pods) and California Garlic Powder (4 pods).
    • Sweet Hot Corn Cheese: Pulverized Flamin' Hot Cheetos (yes, really) take the already indulgent pairing of sweet white corn and melty mozzarella to a revelatory new level.
      • Includes Gochugaru Chile (2 pods), Chives (2 pods), Parsley (2 pods) and California Onion Powder (2 pods).
    • Tipsy Korean Bar Snack: A mix of the familiar and the funky, this classic Korean combination of peanuts, sesame seeds, and dried anchovies is the perfect salty-sweet bar snack.
      • Includes Toasted White Sesame Seed (4 pods), Saigon Cinnamon (2 pods) and California Onion Powder (2 pods).
    • “Tofu For People Who Don't Like Tofu” Tofu: Soft tofu becomes irresistible thanks to a delicious sesame-soy dressing. A recipe to convert the tofu skeptics‚ including Deuki himself.
      • Includes Gochugaru Chile (2 pods), Toasted White Sesame Seed (2 pods),, Nori Flakes (2 pods), and California Garlic Powder (2 pods).
  • Each Recipe Seasoning Card contains the exact amount of spice needed to make the recipe 1 time.
  • Each Recipe Seasoning Card contains 8 spice pods; Each spice pod contains ½ teaspoon of spice
  • Every Recipe Seasoning Card has a QR code on the back with recipe ingredients and instructions
  • This product includes listed spices only; Other cooking ingredients not included
  • Dimensions: 5.75” x 4” x 6.3125”

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