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Sow the Magic

Moon Phase Planting Guide

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

This perpetual moon calendar shows you how to garden by the moon phases. By using the rotating wheel on this calendar, and the moon as your guide, you will be able to see on any given month when to plant, water, fertilize, and harvest among other tasks. As farmers have done for years, using the moon determines the appropriate time to utilize ancient wisdom and summons the moon’s guidance in nature.

Create a green-thumb-inspired gift bundle by pairing this Moon Phase Planting Guide alongside the Seed Planting Pop or the Tarot Seed Packet and a Tarot Greeting Card!


  • Includes one (1) Moon Phase Planting Guide spinner
  • An organic way of making decisions in your garden to help improve your success and allow the process to come full circle back to nature
  • Four moon phases that include the best garden activities during each cycle
  • Made of UV-printed cardstock
  • 6” diameter in size
  • Made in the USA

How to Use

Line up the wheel with the date of the moon cycle to see when to plant, harvest, fertilize, and more

About the Brand

Sow The Magic grew out of a deep love for mystic designs and a singular enchantment with Mother Nature. Whether intended for your own garden or given as the perfect gift, each special seed inspires us to love our planet and grow together.