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Neck & Back Massage Chair

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Designed to offer a comprehensive massage experience, this massage chair seamlessly blends air compression technology and Shiatsu techniques with soothing heat therapy to help deliver relief for tense neck and back muscles. Ideal for use both at home and in the office, this massage chair is your one-stop solution to help reduce stress, alleviate muscle soreness, and rejuvenate your body and mind.


  • One (1) Neck & Back Massage Chair
  • One (1) removable and washable cover
  • One (1) 12V home adapter
  • One (1) detachable intensity control flap
  • User manual


  • Designed to give you a spa-level massage in the comfort of your own home
  • Innovative 2D/3D finger pressure shiatsu, rolling, compression, vibration, and heat functions work to provide a soothing, comfortable massage to your neck, shoulders, back, and thighs
  • Four rotation nodes work to deliver a deep kneading massage for your neck and shoulders
  • Heating pad works to warm your entire back area, promoting relaxation of tense and sore muscles and can help relieve fatigue and stress
  • Three adjustable intensities of compression massage for your lower back and hips can be seamlessly integrated with other massage modes
  • Soft rolling massage along the back spine covers the whole back area and can be adjusted for a more personalized massage experience
  • Spot massage function allows you to concentrate on one area for pin-point relaxation
  • Three levels of vibration intensity for a customized experience
  • Easy to use; simply place on a chair, such as a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair, or dining chair
  • Made with Premium PU Leather and Breathable Mesh finish
  • Measures 32.9” x 8.3” x 20.9”
  • Weighs 20.9 lbs

How to Use

  • Secure the massager to a chair using the elastic straps provided
  • Connect the adapter cable to the matching cable on the cushion
  • Plug the home adapter into an electrical outlet
  • Power on the device using the controller (see instructions in included user manual)
  • After use, store the controller in the side pouch on the cushion
  • The back cushion features a detachable intensity control flap, allowing you to choose between a softer or more intense massage
  • A detachable cover for the neck also lets you adjust the massage intensity
  • If the Shiatsu massage feels too strong:
    • Attach the intensity control flap to the cushion for a softer experience
    • If it's still too strong, place a blanket or towel between you and the massager for even softer intensity
  • If the Shiatsu nodes can't reach your neck, shoulders, or lower back, adjust your seating height by placing a seat cushion or pillow on the chair to help the nodes reach your target areas
  • The device will automatically turn off after 15 minutes
  • Unplug the adapter from the outlet when the device is not in use
  • Avoid using the massager in wet or damp areas like bathrooms
  • Caution: Give your body time to rest. For your well-being, it is recommended limiting each massage session to 15 minutes and not exceeding three sessions a day

Care Instructions

  • Avoid machine washing or submerging the product and its adapter in water
  • Turn off the device and unplug the adapter using clean, dry hands before cleaning
  • Wipe down the massager with a damp cloth and let it dry completely
  • Avoid using alcohol or harsh chemicals like thinner or bleach
  • The neck cover is both detachable and washable
  • Be cautious not to overstretch the elastic back straps
  • Store the device away from heat, flames, and direct sunlight
  • Do not apply force exceeding 110 lbs to the massager or its massage heads, as it may cause damage and void your warranty. Limit the device's usage to prevent wear and tear
  • Keep the massager in a cool, dry location, out of children's reach
  • Avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects that could cut or puncture the massager's cover

About the Brand

At Comfier, we strive to provide customized relaxation with our innovative and affordable health and personal care products, turning your home into a rejuvenating sanctuary. With our dedication to exceptional customer service, we guarantee a personalized and satisfying experience as you find balance in today's fast-paced world.