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USB Lighter Co.

Original Arc Candle Lighters

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The Original Arc Candle Lighter has a long articulating reach and solid metal handle making it easy to hold steady when lighting. This electric lighter also comes with a child-safe switch and automatic shut-off.


  • One (1) Original Arc Candle Lighter 
  • One (1) Micro USB charging cable 
  • One (1) candle lighter stand in Black
  • Instructions (scan QR code on box)


  • Original Arc Candle Lighter:
    • Rechargeable, with over 7,500 lifetime lights
    • Windproof
    • Won’t burn your candle container or your fingers
    • Keeps disposable lighters out of landfills
    • Child-safe on/off switch and automatic shut-off
    • Tech-forward design
    • Works great for candles, incense, gas stoves, fireplaces, camping, and just looking incredible
    • Made with 95% ABS (Thermoplastic Polymer) / 5% Zinc Alloy
    • Measures 2.71” x 3” x 1.02” 
    • Weighs 1 lbs
  • Candle Lighter Stand:
    • Black matte finish 
    • Made of Acrylic 
    • Measures 2.75” x 2.75” x 1” 
    • Weighs 1.6 oz 

*Display stand does not support charging function

How to Use

  • Charging:
    • All lighters come with a Charging Cable
    • Simply plug charging cable into any common base charger and then plug charging cable into charging port of lighter
    • Quick charge will take approx. 1.5–2 hours
  • Lighter function:
    • Slide the switch cover up to expose the red ignition button 
    • Press the red ignition button to activate arc tips 
    • Release the button to stop use 
    • For best results, begin by holding the lighter 1” away from target 
    • Once arc tips are activated, slowly move the arcs toward the target to light 
    • After use, slide switch cover down to cover ignition button for safety 

Care Instructions

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep away from long exposure to heat
  • Keep away from water
  • Keep arc points away from skin
  • Be careful not to drop on hard surfaces as impact can cause damage to battery

About the Brand

The Future of Fire. We make electric lighters that can light just about anything. Simple. Safe. Sustainable. Learn more about how we are a sustainable electronic company today.