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Pet Hair & Lint Removal Bundle (8-Pieces)

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The FurZapper and LintZapper bundle is the ideal solution for pet owners who want to keep their laundry and clothing free from pet hair and lint. This bundle provides a comprehensive solution for removing pet hair and lint from your laundry so you can enjoy a clean, fur-free home and spotless clothes.


  • Four (4) reusable FurZapper discs
  • Four (4) portable LintZapper lint booklets, each with 40 individual adhesive sheets


  • FurZapper: 
    • Effortlessly removes pet hair from your laundry
    • Reusable, eco-friendly, and safe for all clothes
    • Each disc lasts approx. 200–300 wash and dry cycles
    • Suitable for all types of laundry
    • Colors: Yellow / Green
    • Made of silicone
  • LintZapper: 
    • Portable lint booklet for quick and convenient lint removal on the go
    • Easily fit in a pocket or bag
    • Each booklet contains 40 disposable sheets (160 total)
    • A great alternative to bulky link rollers
    • Color: White
    • Made of adhesive paper

Care Instructions

  • FurZapper:
    • Place discs in your washer and dryer with your laundry
    • Discs are self-cleaning but can be hand-rinsed with water if desired 
  • LintZapper:
    • Use lint sheets to remove lint and pet hair from clothing and other surfaces
    • Peel off the sheet to reveal a new, adhesive sheet underneath

About the Brand

FurZapper is your ultimate pet hair solution, effortlessly removing fur and lint from your laundry, keeping your clothes and home clean and fresh. Simplify pet ownership with FurZapper, the reusable, eco-friendly tool that makes managing pet hair a breeze, ensuring a hair-free lifestyle.