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Perfect Beauty Tweezers

Pointed Tip Tweezers

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Be prepared for all your tweezing needs with these fun-printed pointy-tip tweezers that make the ideal addition to your makeup bag. Made of Stainless Steel, these tweezers may pull out hairs more cleanly than those made of materials like aluminum, copper, or plastic. 


  • Includes one (1) pair of pointed tip tweezers in color of your choice
  • A handy tool to have around the house, at the office, or in your purse
  • Ideal for removing splinters and hard-to-reach brow, lip, and facial hair
  • Precisely hand-filed tips
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made with antimagnetic and anti-acid Stainless Steel, dipped in lacquer 
  • Made in Italy
  • Measures 4” / 97 mm long 

How to Use

  • Use to precisely groom fine hair including thin or scarce eyebrows and minimal facial hair
  • Use to remove splinters
  • Handle with care as these have sharper ends
  • Use with caution

Care Instructions

  • You may clean your tweezers by putting rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wiping them down
  • Keep out of children’s reach

About the Brand

Perfect Beauty is a Brooklyn, NY-based family owned company since 1996, selling tweezers, nail scissors, cosmetic pencil sharpeners, fabric shears, and household scissors made in Italy and Germany. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality European products to keep you a perfect beauty!