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Portable Four-Way Volleyball Net

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Four square meets volleyball—elevate your game to a whole new level with Deluxe Crossnet. One hit per person; three if you're playing in teams. Don't let the ball land in your square or you're out!


  • Everything you need to start playing Crossnet right out of the box:
    • Two (2) Crossnet nets (one [1] for single competition games and one [1] for team competition games)
    • Four (4) ground pegs
    • One (1) premium volleyball
    • One (1) travel backpack
  • Instructions on how to set-up and play


  • Designed for ages 6+
  • Crossnet Nets:
    • Easy set-up within minutes, no tools required
    • Can be set-up and played in the sand and grass
    • Three adjustable height settings: 5’6”, 7’4”, and 7'11"
  • Backpack:
    • Quality portable backpack designed to store and carry all Crossnet parts safely and easily
    • Two side pockets to store other items such as water bottles and keys
  • Volleyball:  Size 5 with 10—18 panels
  • Crossnet measures 13’ x 13’ (when fully set-up)
  • Crossnet weighs 17 lbs (when broken down and packed in the backpack)

How to Play

  • The game is played with 4 or 8 players (additional players will need to take turns)
  • Players pick a square 1—4. The player in the 4th square serves the ball diagonally to the 2nd square
  • The ball must be returned over the net to any square in one hit. If playing in teams, up to three hits per side is allowed. The 2nd square cannot spike the serve
  • Players are eliminated when the ball lands in their square. Only the player in the 4th square receives a point when a player is eliminated
  • Each time a player is eliminated, that player leaves the court and all remaining players rotate clockwise. If the 4th player was not eliminated, they earn one point. The lowest ranking square is then filled in with a new player waiting in line or the previously eliminated player
  • The first player to score 11 points wins. A player must win by 2 points

Care Instructions

Crossnet can be set up permanently in your backyard or easily broken down for safe storing in the travel backpack

About the Brand

CROSSNET is the world's first four way volleyball game. Time outside has never been more fun with our combination of four square volleyball which is great to get the entire family involved.