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Produce Sampler Bundle (3-Pack)

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

This produce starter kit combines FRESHPAPER Food-Saver Sheets for Produce and FRESHWRAP Reusable Food-Saver Wraps. FRESHPAPER Food-Saver Sheets for Produce are infused with organic botanicals that keep fruits and veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer. Drop a sheet of plastic-free, award-winning FRESHPAPER anywhere you keep fruits and veggies. FRESHWRAP Reusable Food-Saver wraps are breathable, all-natural food wraps made of cotton, beeswax, and organic botanicals that actively help keep food fresh for longer and are amazing, environmentally sustainable alternatives to plastic.


  • 2 Packs (8ct each) FRESHPAPER Food-Saver Sheets for Produce
  • 1 Pack (2ct) FRESHWRAP Medium (10”x10”) Reusable Wax Food-Saver Wraps.


  • 100% BPA-free, food-safe, chemical-free, and plastic-free.
  • Scientifically proven and patented: FRESHPAPER Food-Saver sheets and FRESHWRAP Reusable Wax Food-Saver Wraps are infused with active, organic botanicals that naturally extend the life of fresh produce for up to 2-4 times longer.
  • Saves money: lets you reduce trips to the store, buy fresh healthy ingredients in bulk and reduce costly food waste.
  • Reusable: Each FRESHPAPER Food-Saver sheet keeps working for a month or until the distinctive maple-like scent fades completely. Each FRESHWRAP Reusable Wax Food-Saver Wrap is washable and reusable for up to a year.
  • Easy to use flexible design: FRESHPAPER Food-Saver Sheets easily add to any container including produce cartons and clamshells, bags of salad or greens, lettuce crispers, produce bags, or any other veggie, fruit or herb storage that you can think of.
  • FRESHWRAP Reusable Wax Food-Saver Wraps conform to any shape and are gently self-adhesive. Great for sealing a variety of containers, jars or bowls; works in or out of the fridge. Cover and store leftovers without needing to transfer to a new container. Replace single-use plastics and wrap and save unused portions of fresh produce, bread, or cheese. Wrap snacks and sandwiches for on-the-go. FRESHWRAP’s delicious botanical scent comes from beeswax and organic spices and fades over time.
  • Supports a healthy lifestyle: All diets like Keto, Whole 30, Plant-Based, Flexitarian, Mediterranean, and others emphasize fresh, healthy ingredients. FRESHPAPER and FRESHWRAPS take the stress out of meal prep and fresh food storage.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: FRESHPAPER Food-Saver Sheets are the only patented, organic food saver product on the market. Each sheet is reusable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, and helps reduce global food waste. FRESHWRAP Reusable Wax Food-Saver Wraps reduce the need for single-use plastics and are reusable and compostable.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

Fresh Made Simple: We harness the power of plants to create simple innovations that are safer for our homes and better for our planet.

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