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Uncommon Gourmet

REALE Aged Balsamic Gift Duo

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All-natural and free of any coloring or additives, there is just one ingredient in this Balsamic Vinegar Duo—grapes! The grape varieties used are quality Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes grown on the Leonardi family estate in Italy. The Leonardi’s have been making Balsamic Vinegar for 147 years and are known for artistry and craft.


  • Two (2) bottles of aged-Balsamic Vinegar in two (2) sizes: 
    • One (1) bottle of Le Noir 16-Year “Condimento” Balsamic Vinegar, 100 ml
    • One (1) heart-shaped bottle of Le Noir 5-Year “Condimento” Balsamic Vinegar, 50 ml


  • 100% Balsamic Vinegar crafted in Italy’s true traditional manner, hence the word “Condimento” in the product’s name (which is only used for Balsamic Vinegar that is made from 100% grape must)
  • Thick and sweet consistency
  • Complements a variety of dishes beyond a salad
  • Each bottle is packaged in a gift box and ready for gifting
  • Can be enjoyed for years to come (naturally gets better with age!)

How to Use

  • Drizzle over salads of every variety, pastas, soups, risottos, flatbread, and French fries 
  • Spoon over fresh cheese such as a burrata, mozzarella, goat, or aged parmesan as well as grilled meats and vegetables
  • The longer it ages, the sweeter and richer Balsamic becomes, therefore, the 16-year-aged Balsamic makes a fantastic dessert sauce! It is excellent over cheesecake and ice cream
  • A spoonful at the end of a meal can aid with digestion

How it’s Made

  • The grape must (which is cooked, concentrated grape juice) is placed in large wooden barrels (Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, Ash, Juniper, and Mulberry) with a starter yeast, similar to sourdough bread
  • At the end of the first year, the must is moved to smaller barrels made from a different wood. Each wood type imparts a different flavor to the vinegar, resulting in a balanced flavor
  • At the end of the aging cycle, the grape must has gone through a new barrel of different woods every year to achieve its full character and distinctive flavor—the flavor of Balsamic evolves over time and the longer it is aged, the richer and sweeter it becomes, therefore, this Balsamic is very unique!

Care Instructions

Does not require refrigeration, however, for best results, store in a dark, dry place such as a dark cupboard or pantry, at room temperature 


100% Balsamic Vinegar (Pure Grape Must)

About the Brand

Uncommon Gourmet was founded with the vision of bringing authentic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar products into the US market. Our goal is to raise the standard, awareness, expectation, and general wellness of our consumers. We champion the craftsmanship and health benefits of true Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.