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Alteration Tape (6-Pack)

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

A completely new and unique way to help make aesthetically pleasing clothing alterations in just minutes!


  • Three (3) Alteration Tape strips, 2” x 12” each
  • Three (3) Alteration Tape strips, 4” x 12” each


  • No-show alteration tape designed to show your shape
  • Great for adjusting the waist area to accentuate
  • Non-irritating, feels soft against skin
  • Easy-to-use: measure, stretch, press, and release
  • Package insert has a convenient ruled edge for making fabric measurements
  • Beige-colored strips
  • Cotton and Spandex

How To Use:

  • Each tape strip is single use only
  • Measure where you would like the alteration to be made (it is best to do this while wearing the garment)
  • Peel away liner exposing patterned adhesive area. With garment inside out on a flat surface, stretch tape over the desired area
  • Press firmly to adhere to fabric, then release and allow it to ReShape!
  • For use on garments with lighter weight materials and single layers (not for denim or fuzzy knitted materials such as sweaters). It is recommended to test a small piece on an inconspicuous area of garment before use
  • Remove tape before washing and/or drying clothing

ReShape is a completely new and unique way to make temporary clothing alterations. Stretchable fashionable alteration tape to show your shape!