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Wear Your Sole

Shoe Tattoos

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

Spice up your favorite shoes with these stylish temporary shoe tattoos. Mix and match different tattoos to make a fashion statement and change up your look any time.


  • Includes twelve (12) sheets of temporary shoe tattoos in the size and style of your choice
  • Each sheet yields approx. 20 temporary tattoos
  • Designed to stay on your shoe through most weather and wear, and once it starts to fade — erase it and create again!
  • Works best with white leather shoes and rubber soles
  • Multiple imaginative designs to mix and match
  • Ideal for temporarily changing up the look of your shoes
  • Easy to apply with just water and
  • Water-resistant once applied to the shoe
  • Each tattoo measures approx. 0.25”—0.5” in height, 1” —1.25” in width


  • Large sheets: 4” x 6”
  • Small sheets: 2” x 3

How to Use

  • Choose the tattoo you want on your shoe
  • Carefully cut it out to isolate it from the sheet of tattoos
  • Remove the clear film (revealing the tattoo) by gently peeling it away
  • Place the tattoo side on the shoe and press firmly making sure it doesn’t move or ripple
  • Hold in place while dripping/dabbing water (use a cotton ball or swab) onto the paper backing of the tattoo until it is completely saturated
  • Hold it without moving for 30 seconds. Do not shift left or right — lift straight off being careful the entire tattoo remains on the shoe
  • Carefully peel off the paper from the tattoo and discard
  • Let the tattoo dry completely for 10 minutes
  • Check out your work — proudly display what's in your soul, on your sole
  • When you’re ready to change up your style, remove the tattoo safely by using acetone
  • Tip: Some leather does not tolerate removal with acetone. Please proceed with caution and patch test — use straight acetone and scrub with a cotton applicator in a hidden spot. Removal can be accomplished with an abrasive pad but may also damage the shoe

About the Brand

Wear Your Sole is a brand born from self-expression, positivity, inclusivity and love. For some, the ability to express yourself with the spoken word or in your everyday life can be challenging. For others, It just comes more naturally! Wear Your Sole is here to help everyone express themselves through style.