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Silk Skincare Washcloths (2-Pack)

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The Silk Skincare Wash Cloths are all-natural, reusable exfoliating cloths, ideal for gently loosening up dead skin cells and makeup. Their absorbent nature ensures a thorough cleanse and smooth, soft skin with every use — whether dry or wet.


  • Includes two (2) Silk Skincare Washcloths
  • With its natural proteins, silk helps retain moisture and enhances the hydration of your skin, leaving it supple and revitalized
  • Glides effortlessly over your skin, without stripping away its natural oils, and preserving its essential moisture balance
  • Works to rejuvenate your skin, pampering and nurturing it, helping unveil luminous complexion
  • The ultra-fine silk fibers help delicately remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote a smoother, more even skin texture
  • With regular use, helps achieve reduction in blemishes, fine lines, and dullness, revealing a youthful radiance
  • Each washcloth measures 10” x 10”

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold on gentle settings or hand wash. Air dry. Do not tumble dry
  • Iron or steam as needed on a low heat setting
  • Do not use bleach

About the Brand

Discover NIGHT is the leader in beauty textiles! With a mission to harvest the power of textiles via our solution pillowcases for all your beauty and wellness needs.