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The USB Lighter Company

Slim Double Arc Lighter

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An eco-conscious lighter that is easy to use, powered by a lithium-ion battery (eliminating the need for toxic butane gas), and can light just about anything. The sleek, lightweight design fits easily in your pocket for when you need it on the go. Ideal for lighting candles, gas appliances, gas grills, kitchen stoves, fireplaces, and more


  • One (1) Slim Double Arc Lighter in color of your choice
  • One (1) micro-USB charging cable
  • Instructions (printed on inside of box)


  • 100% USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Up to 300 lights per charge
  • Easy to use button
  • Doesn’t use toxic butane gas
  • Three LED battery level indicators
  • 1.5-hour charge time
  • Designed and manufactured with the environment in mind
  • Easier, quicker, and cleaner alternative to matches
  • Works with all gas ignition appliances
  • Compact, great for on the go, and fits in a standard pocket
  • Made of Zinc Alloy
  • Measures 3.1” x 1.12” x 0.45”
  • Weighs 0.15 lbs

*When in use, lighter arc may produce sound sensitive to humans and animals

How to Use

  • Charging:
    • Charge lighter out of the box
    • To charge, use the USB cable provided
    • When all three LEDs are solid, lighter is fully charged
  • Lighter function:
    • Open lid cover. The three LED lights will turn on indicating that the lighter is ready to light as well as show the battery level
    • Press and hold the red ignition button to light the lighter. While holding the red ignition button, the lighter will stay lit for approximately 10 seconds then automatically shut down
    • To re-light, press and hold the red ignition button
    • When finished, close the cover

Care Instructions

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep away from long exposure to heat
  • Keep away from water
  • Keep arc points away from skin
  • Be careful not to drop on hard surfaces as impact can cause damage to battery

About the Brand

At The USB Lighter Company, we believe in a future for the earth and consider the environment in our packaging and products. Utilizing ARC technology derived from the tesla coil, our lighters are meant to last forever and charge easily through a USB port. Also offering Biodegradable Charging Cables and The No Contact Thermometer (back by popular demand!)