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The USB Lighter Company

Slim Double Arc USB Rechargeable Lighter

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

The Slim Double Arc Lighter is designed with an open-faced arc element, perfect for windy environments and hard to reach places. With a new battery level indicator and more lighting power than our original handheld collection, the double arc lighters are elegant and easy to use. Replace your butane lighter today. These lighters are easy to use and powered by a lithium-ion battery which eliminates the need for toxic butane gas.

Perfect For lighting: Candles, Gas Appliances, Gas BBQs, Kitchen Stoves and Fireplaces.


  • No Toxic Butane Gas
  • 100% USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1.5-hour Charge Time
  • Easy to use button
  • Designed and manufactured with the environment in mind
  • Works with all gas ignition appliances
  • One (1) Micro USB Charging Cable Included
  • Product measures: 3.10in x 1.12in x 0.45in

At The USB Lighter Company, we believe in a future for the earth and consider the environment in our products and packaging. Shop our selection of Rechargeable and Eco-Conscious products today.

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