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Perfect Beauty Tweezers

Speciality Tweezers

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Sometimes you need a special tool for a specific need. These specialty tweezers allow you to tweeze your facial hair with ease.


  • Includes one (1) pair of specialty tweezers in Magnifying or Combo
  • Magnifying Tweezers:
    • Built-in magnifying lens allows you to easily see, grab, inspect, and precisely place those special touches
    • Measures 2.25” in length, with 1” magnifying glass
    • Made in Germany
  • Combo Tweezers:
    • 2-in-1 tweezers with both a slanted tip and a pointed tip for all your tweezing needs
    • Hand-filed tips
    • Measures approx. 4” in length
    • Made in Italy
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Made with Stainless Steel

How to Use

  • Magnifying Tweezers: Adjust tweezer to as close to the magnifying glass as you need and then remove the splinter or coarse hair. The tweezer is attached to the magnifying glass
  • Combo Tweezers: The combination tweezer has both a slanted and pointed tip. To use the slanted tip side, align the slant facing your hair and remove hair. To use the pointed tip, align the sharp pointed tip carefully toward your hair or splinter and remove hair or splinter

Care Instructions

  • You may clean your tweezers by putting rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wiping them down
  • Keep out of children’s reach

About the Brand

Perfect Beauty is a Brooklyn, NY-based family owned company since 1996, selling tweezers, nail scissors, cosmetic pencil sharpeners, toothbrushes, fabric shears, household scissors, combs, sewing notions and nailcare products made in Italy and Germany. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality European products to keep you a perfect beauty!