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SPINA Massage Cushion

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  • Finally, a portable massage chair! It's a massage chair pad that you can put on any chair or sofa in your home, office, or gym. Although portable, this chair massager offers a wide range of functions that people expect from a good old stationary massage chair: full body massage from your neck all the way down to your thighs. Explore the way massagers for neck and back can help you relax and recover by getting a portable massage chair instead of buying large and clumsy contraptions.
  • Triple action: kneading, heat, and vibration! We combined a back & neck massager with heat (for the neck and back) and vibration (in the seat) for deeper and more lasting effects. In this shiatsu back massager, pressure nodes give you the neck and back massage, and you can separately regulate heating and vibration depending on your preferences or specific zones you want to work on today. A shiatsu massager primarily helps you release tension in the body: try it out yourself!
  • Djust the massager for a perfect individual fit! Adjustable straps make it a universal back massager for chair installation that you can firmly fix anywhere. The variety of modes (automatic, customizable, spot massage) means that you can play with the settings and use it as a shoulder massager, a lower back massager, a back massager with heat (or without it), and a seat massager. Regulate the nodes' intensity and even spin direction (CW/CCW) with an intuitive remote to find your favorite mode.
  • Maximum shiatsu massage chair relaxation and recovery! A neck and back massager can not only help you relax but also bring health benefits as it decreases muscle stiffness and combats fatigue, stress, and soreness. Massagers for neck and back with heat are known to deliver positive sensations that contribute to people's everyday wellness. Make sure you set it up right though: regulate the level of the neck massager pillow (remove its flap for intenser sensations) to match your height precisely.
  • Makes a perfect gift! Consider massagers when looking for gift ideas if you want to make the everyday lives of your loved ones healthier and more enjoyable. This massage cushion / portable massager chair is made of high-quality materials (breathable, easy-to-clean fabric and eco-leather) that will last and ensure maximum comfort. A neck / back massager combined with a massage heating pad delivers full-body therapy that one can benefit from every day. Spina takes massage chairs to a new level.

Package Dimension:

  • 9.5 X 28.5 X 22 CM

Package includes:

  • 1 Massage cushion with a remote control
  • 1 AC adapter
  • 1 color box package
  • 1 user manual

How to use:

  • Place the massager on a couch, a recliner, or an office chair and fasten the straps to secure the device. Connect adapter plug tip into DC jack of the massager and plug
  • the AC Adapter into an electrical outlet. The Neck Flap Usage Use the neck flap as a cushion if you prefer a mild neck massage. For a more intense neck massage, unzip and remove the flap.
  • Enjoy the wide range of health and wellness benefits that come from using our product. The SPINA Massager improves blood circulation and relieves muscle pain, helping you cope with everyday stress.
  • We made a massage chair portable by designing Spina: a triple-action back massager and neck massager that is not only a shiatsu massager kneading you with pressure nodes but also a type of advanced massagers for neck and back with heat AND with vibration in its seat. The three components make Spina a full body massager offering a comprehensive therapy-and yet, you can easily take it with you to your office or gym.

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