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Bedside Caddy Organizer

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The Bedside Perch is designed to solve all of your organizational issues—no more knocking over your water to get to the remote; no more wondering if your phone is plugged in and if it will come out of the wall; no more tangled cords—the Bedside perch keeps everything charging and right where you left it!


  • Includes one (1) Bedside Caddy Organizer in color of your choice
  • Conveniently organizes your essentials so everything you need is always within reach
  • Quick and easy set up in 30 seconds; no tools required
  • Two built-in charging ports to keep your electronics fully charged and always within grabbing distance (compatible with iPhone, Android, and other devices with a USB-C / USB-A port)
  • Five compartments; great for holding up to a 32 oz. water bottle, remote, phone, tablet, and magazines
  • Sleek, modern design is crafted to fit any bedroom decor or aesthetic
  • Ideal for small or shared spaces such as dorm rooms
  • Not just for beds—works well on a couch
  • Sustainably made with 100% post-consumer plastic
  • Measures 14.1” x 3.9” X 4.7”
  • Weighs less than 2 lbs

*Cords and contents pictured are not included

How to Use

  • Simply assemble and insert between your mattress and box spring/frame or between couch cushion and frame (product is meant to slide between and not attach)
  • The Bedside Perch is not powered to hold a charge and only includes charging ports. Use your own charging cable to plug into the ports for charging any device
    • Tip: For optimal results and faster charging, use an Apple or Android branded wall block (not included)

Care Instructions

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth, rag, disinfectant wipe, or other cleaning product
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher or sink as that can damage the charging ports

About the Brand

Squirrel provides products that organize your life, and keep things right where you left them. Our products store, charge, organize and simplify your bedside items, all while neatly placed inside a product made from 100% post consumer plastic, so not only are you staying charged and organized you are helping the environment.