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Stainless Steel Compact Fire Extinguisher

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Protect people and property safely with this innovative fire extinguisher for any type of fire, indoors or outdoors, designed to put out all fires fast. Practical for use in the home, business, vehicle, or on the move.


  • Universal fire extinguisher designed to put out fires in the home, at work, in the car, while camping, and anywhere else a small fire could strike
  • Eliminates the need for multiple extinguishers
  • Eco-safe and more environmentally friendly compared to powder fire extinguishers—safe to use indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a sturdy metal transport bracket for securing the extinguisher efficiently in a building or in a vehicle
  • Tested to be suitable for all fires—fire classes tested: A/B/C/D/K (A [Combustible Materials], B [Flammable Liquids & Gases], C [Electrical Appliances], D [Metals], K [Cooking Oils]
  • 3A/13B /C/D/Electrical/5F fire rating
  • 1—3 m spray range
  • Each extinguisher is good for one time use and is non-refillable or rechargeable
  • Shelf-life: 5 years from manufacture date (date on packaging)
  • Stainless Steel cylinder
  • Measures approx. 2.48” x 11.42” each
  • 0.5 L capacity each

Keep out of reach of children. Do not pierce or burn, even after use

How to Use

In the event of a fire, hold extinguisher upright, pull out safety pin, aim at base of fire, squeeze handle, and sweep side to side

Care Instructions

  • Avoid storing in excessive heat or cold for prolonged periods
  • Protect from frost and from freezing
  • Storage and operating temperature range is 10.4°F—120°F (exposure to temps outside of this range for prolonged periods may affect performance of extinguisher)


Ammonium Sulfate, Water, Nitrogen (pressurized)

About the Brand

Firexo's revolutionary line of products provide the first ALL FIRES answer to extinguishing all classes of fire, resulting in less mess and more lives saved.