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Soul Journey Jewelry

Sublime Summer Pearl Bracelet

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Elevate your mood and raise your vibes with this exquisite accessory. Featuring genuine gemstones and three freshwater pearls, this beautifully crafted piece not only adds a touch of style but also offers potential benefits such as energizing qualities and positive vibes. It is ideal for those seeking a fashionable and uplifting touch to their outfit.


  • Includes one (1) bracelet in color and size of your choice
  • Genuine gemstones, 10 mm each
  • Three natural Freshwater Pearls, 9-10 mm each
  • Brass heart-shaped logo charm, 10 mm
  • Slip on elastic style that stretches
  • Jewelry hangtag with energy qualities of the stones
  • Comes with a designer pouch
  • May differ slightly from picture as these are natural gemstones and pearls
  • Handcrafted in California


  • Independence and Liberty:
      • Gemstone: Pink Peruvian Opal and Pearls
      • Peruvian Opal helps you to forgive yourself and move forward with independence and liberty
  • Attract True Love:
      • Gemstone: Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearl
      • Known to have the sweet energies of love that can open your heart to new friendships and self-acceptance
  • You Are Beautiful:
      • Gemstone:Lepidolite and Freshwater Pearl
      • Believed to dissipate negativity and let your inner beauty shine through
  • Inner Strength:
      • Gemstone: Red Tiger Eye and Freshwater Pearl
      • Tiger Eye is a wonderful grounding stone and helps support inner strength
  • You Are Perfect:
      • Gemstone: Peach Calcite and Freshwater Pearl
      • Calcite gives support in removing blockages and raises your vibration
  • Inspire Love and Trust:
      • Gemstone: Sodalite and Freshwater Pearl
      • Helps enhance one's ability to express feelings and thoughts, it is a stone of truth that encourages honest communication
  • Clarity of Thought:
      • Gemstone: Fluorite and Freshwater Pearl
      • Believed to increase awareness, improve intuition, and help reduce stress, allowing for clarity of thought
  • Unconditional Love:
      • Gemstone: Prehnite and Freshwater Pearl
      • Prehnite opens the heart to unconditional love, helps to heal emotional wounds, and promotes forgiveness
  • Have Faith in Yourself:
      • Gemstone: Amazonite and Freshwater Pearl
      • Helps to ground energy and have faith in oneself
  • Love and Friendship:
      • Gemstone: Matt Ivory Jade and Freshwater Pearl
      • Jade is believed to increase fortune, grounding, and enhance healthy friendships
  • Connect to Mother Earth:
      • Gemstone: Crinoid Fossil and Freshwater Pearl
      • Believed to transmute negative energy and allow for a more peaceful and balanced existence, grounded in earth
  • Tranquility:
      • Gemstone: Black Web Jasper and Freshwater Pearl
      • Jasper is known as a nurturing stone, supporting one through times of stress, bringing tranquility


  • S: Measures 6.5”
  • M: Measures 7”
  • L: Measures 7.5”

Care Instructions

  • Clean bracelet with a soft cloth
  • Do not leave bracelet in the sun for extended lengths of time
  • If the bracelet gets wet, dry gently with a cloth

About the Brand

Soul Journey Jewelry is hand-crafted in California out of the most vibrant gemstones and pearls, each charged with their own organic energy and intention. Find out which stones speak to you and inspire your soul.