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SubSafe 5-Piece Set

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

Say goodbye to soggy subs. Whether you call it a hoagie, grinder, or sub, the SubSafe protects your sandwich and also works as a food and drink container. All five pieces are interchangeable and work together in eight different combinations. Great for boating, tailgating, picnics, and even the break room!


  • One (1) base
  • One (1) small cap
  • One (1) medium cap
  • One (1) large cap
  • One (1) drinking lid
  • One (1) bonus strap with clip and bottle opener


  • Designed to protect a 6" or 12" sub sandwich, turn into a drinking cup, store snacks, and more!
  • Waterproof containers help keep the contents dry and food fresh
  • Crushproof barrier allows you to store your sub in a cooler without the other items squishing your sandwich
  • Works nicely as a cocktail shaker and as a vessel to shake your smoothies and mix your dressings in
  • Rubber strap can be pulled over and around the container(s) for easy carrying
  • BPA-free plastic (Polypropylene)

How To Use:

  • To store or create the following items, combine these pieces:
    • 6-inch sub: Base + medium cap
    • 12-inch sub: Base + large cap
    • Snacks: Small cap + medium cap
    • Condiments: Small cap + drinking lid
    • Drinking cup: Base + drinking lid
    • Dry storage: Base + medium cap + strap
    • Additional 6” container: Small cap + large cap

Care Instructions: All pieces are top-rack dishwasher safe, including the strap

SubSafe donates $0.50 of every SubSafe sold to Provision Packs, an organization that provides food security to children in the US

High quality products for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and uses a cooler to keep food and drinks cold. From sandwiches and snacks to wine bottles and everything in between, we got your covered.

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