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SunMuffs Earmuffs

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

SunMuffs earmuffs are intuitive and simply slide onto your glasses. Designed for any occasion. Don’t be stranded again on the sidelines cupping your ears, untangling messy hair, and trying to avoid a headache.


  • Includes two (2) SunMuffs
  • One size fits all - Universal fit for thin and thick frames
  • Earmuffs slide on your favorite glasses
  • A comfortable slim profile with a double layer neoprene interior that protects against the cold weather, wind, and noise
  • Dimensions of one earmuff: 4” x 4”
  • Shapes to individual ear and distributes pressure using the natural tension of the eyewear you're using
  • Includes a reusable carrying case

*sunglass not included

SunMuffs® are a one-of-a-kind ear protection that keeps your ears snug and warm so you can stay focused on what matters most. We're the only product in the market that does what we do. We've made earmuffs that love your head, so you can completely do away with the messy hair, pinched head, and aching ears.


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