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Oomph Cooking Blends

The Starter Set (4-pack)

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Oomph Cooking Blends are a new way to add flavor and nutrition to everything you cook. Our delicious blends are handcrafted from gently dehydrated and milled vegetables and herbs then combined into scrumptious flavor profiles. Every scoop is perfectly balanced so you can add it to any dish with confidence.

Oomph blends are 98% Organic, 2% Natural Grown, Non-GMO and Free From; salt, additives, sweeteners, chemicals, and preservatives. All blends are WHOLE30 APPROVED and CERTIFIED KOSHER. 14+ servings per pack.


Included In The Starter Set

No.2 Battuto[*Onions, *Carrots, Celery, *Parsley] One of our most versatile blends.

No.3 Sofrito[*Onions, *Tomatoes,*Bell Peppers, *Garlic, *Parsley, *Cilantro] Our most complex blend, great for Italian or Spanish cooking.

No.4 Refogado[*Onions, *Tomatoes, *Garlic] A simple but profound flavor booster.

No.8 Mirepoix [*Onions, *Carrots, Celery,] This flavor base is used in French cooking and is one of our most versatile blends, put this one in everything!

*organic ingredients

Using Oomph

Our plant-based cooking blends can be used as a nutritious concentrated seasoning in any dish. Add them to soups or sauces, create dips or spreads, use them in burgers or vegetable stir-fry, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, sheet-pan meals, roast chicken and more! You can even sprinkle them on popcorn or chips for a nutrient-dense flavor packed boost! Experiment with Oomph and you will be rewarded with profound deliciousness. Oomph can also be eaten as a condiment or spread.

As a Super Seasoning: Add 1-2tsp. dry Oomph Blends to anything you are cooking, as you cook. Add more to taste if needed.

As a Spread or Condiment: Add 1 tsp. Oomph, 1tsp. butter and 2 Tbsp. water to a small pan. Stir and warm over a gentle heat for about 1 minute until rehydrated and aromatic. You can then use it as a spread or as a condiment on anything you are eating.

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Oomph Cooking Blends help people lead healthier lives by creating easy to use, nutritious and delicious culinary shortcuts. Oomph is a women-owned, family-run business that believes cooking for our families and ourselves is a powerful way to create and sustain our health, one meal at a time.



We are the family behind Oomph Cooking Blends. Our woman-owned, family-run business was born in our family kitchen out of pure intent and need for healthy, easy, and super tasty cooking shortcuts. At Oomph, we believe in the power of food as medicine and we believe that cooking for our families and ourselves is a powerful way to create and sustain health, one dish at a time. Our Mission is to create the easiest, tastiest and healthiest shortcuts for your daily meal-making adventures.

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