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Rush Charge

Trident Wireless Portable Charger

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This product is sold out.

Quality power bank capable of charging your devices quickly, no matter what connection they require. The Trident is a product made for your lifestyle, wherever you go.


  • One (1) Trident device
  • One (1) Type-C connector
  • One (1) Lightning connector
  • One (1) Micro-USB connector
  • User manual


  • Wire-free technology to minimize the need for extra cables
  • Portable size for on-the-go ease
  • Comes with three of the most used inputs so you can charge more of your devices
  • Charges most cellphones and gadgets such as Apple products, including iPhones and Air Pods, Samsung products, smartwatches, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, navigation devices, GoPro devices, portable speakers, and more (as long as the device has an output applicable for one of the three included connectors)
  • Comes pre-charged so you can use it immediately
  • Pass-through technology charges your devices and the Trident simultaneously
  • Recharges with the included USB charging cable
  • 30+ hours of extended talk time or up to 18 hours of internet use on a full charge (varies on device usage and programs running in tandem)
  • Provides fast charging to your device (2.1A output)
  • 4,500 mAh battery capacity
  • 3.5" x 3.81" x 0.80"
  • 0.24 lbs

How To Use:

  • To charge your device, plug it into the Trident with device’s applicable cable/cord and the Trident will automatically start working to charge your device
  • To charge the Trident, plug it into the wall with the included USB charging cable. The cable must be plugged into a USB adapter (not provided) or a wall with a built-in USB port

The cable-free design allows you to plug the Rush Charge directly into any compatible device and take it with you anywhere, anytime uninterrupted. Truly a charger that’s made to move with you. Perfect for travel, emergency power, and everyday use and to recharge, simply use your existing phone cable; alone or simultaneously with your device.

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